Transform. Flourish. Thrive.

As a leading voice in mental health, healing, and personal transformation, I teach people how to face challenges, create resilience, and thrive.

Heal to Grow

I've built a career centered on healing.

In the process, I created a multi-million-dollar education company and became recognized worldwide as an expert in trauma and
trauma therapy. As a speaker, I've found that sharing my professional expertise alongside my personal story of survival – and thriving – makes a powerful impact.
Today, I teach audiences how to understand their anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues as products of a dysregulated nervous system, and why befriending the nervous system is so important to personal growth. I share how to reframe self-care as self-regulation, and explain the power of self-regulation in building neurophysiological resilience.
I draw from my own recovery – from PTSD, sexual assault, anxiety, and traumatic grief and loss – to leave audiences feeling courageously inspired and motivated to grow into their best selves.

Life Gets Messy

A lot of things in our lives are outside of our control. Attachment, trauma, prejudice, loss, and illness can all create roadblocks and contribute to our stuck-ness in both work and life. But while what happened to you might be out of your control, 
how you respond and recover from it is. Many of us face similar and 
all-too common challenges, including:

Struggling with stress and emotional overwhelm

Overwhelmed By trauma or loss

Missing a sense of meaning and purpose

Feeling weighed down by apathy or hopelessness

Dealing with low confidence and self-doubt

Feeling stuck in a personal or professional rut

Sensing you're meant for something "more"

Surviving but not thriving

Adversity can hold some of the greatest lessons – if you pay attention, get honest with yourself, and do the work. To thrive requires a mixture of positive habits that focus on physical health, emotional intelligence, a positive mindset, and supportive relationships.

That's what I call "Thriveology."

Talks That Transform

As a keynote speaker, I'm known for refreshingly relatable talks that blend academic research and psychological insight with lived experience. By infusing playfulness and levity into my presentations, I create space for vulnerability and embodied learning, and empower audiences to flourish and thrive. Audiences learn:

Concrete techniques, grounded in neuroscience, to calm emotional overwhelm.

How to harness the power of the nervous system 
to manage stress.

How to transform self-doubt into self-confidence.

How to shape a mindset that perceives possibility and opportunity, rather than barriers and blocks.

Skills that leverage the power of the social engagement systems to 
build winning teams.

The keys to compassionate leadership and a 
thriving culture.

Mindfulness-based practices to improve mindset and achievement potential.

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Thrive the Podcast

You deserve to thrive. And I can show you how. On Thrive the Podcast, I share expert knowledge and insights from my own experiences of going from surviving to thriving. We’ll explore what it means to thrive in the face of challenges, how to apply psychology and neuroscience to build a resilient nervous system, and how to use the Thriveology to create your best life.

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